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Fire Extinguishers


We can provide you with the industry standard in effective, reliable fire extinguishers in a variety of sizes, suitable for any application. Whether you need dry chemical, water, or CO2, Quick Stop has you covered. Let our licensed technicians help you choose the correct type, number, and size of extinguishers for your location. We help save you money by strategically installing new portable extinguishers while abiding by the code requirements.

National Fire Protection Agency regulations require that all extinguishers be inspected annually. Every 6 years units must be broken down and inspected, and have O-ring and gasket replaced. Every 12 years, each extinguisher must be emptied and pressure-tested with water for defects (required every 5 years for CO2, water, and Class K). Quick Stop can handle any level of service you require, without removing your extinguishers from your place of business like other providers.

Fire Suppression Systems
UL300 Installation


Quick Stop is fully licensed and trained and an authorized dealer of ProTex II® systems. We will consult with you to develop the system that meets your requirements. Our team will develop the drawings and specifications for your system, and deliver a first-rate installation that makes intelligent use of your space. No system is too small or too large. Contact us today for a free detailed estimate.

Exit And Emergency Lighting


If your lighting fails, reliable exit and emergency lights will help you respond to an emergency or find your way safely out of danger. Quick Stop provides inspections of your emergency lighting and can make repairs as required to ensure your safety.

Fire Safety Audits
Code Violations Corrected


Quick Stop is fully licensed to inspect your facilities and help you keep up with the requirements for your business. We will provide you with a detailed report of any deficiencies we find and can correct them for you to ensure your safety.

Training and Demonstrations


To extinguish a fire with a portable extinguisher, a person must have free and clear access to the extinguisher, know how to operate the unit, and know how to apply the agent effectively. Quick Stop Fire Protection provides comprehensive on site training for your group of employees to learn how to properly and safely use portable fire extinguishers. Hands on experience with the extinguishers can help your employees react quickly and effectively to emergencies, and potentially save equipment or even lives.

Inspections and Marine Inspections



We keep your fire extinguishers serviced and ready in case of an emergency. We perform the required inspection, testing and maintenance on site. All of our portable extinguisher technicians are trained professionals ready to service and recharge your fire equipment.

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In one Quick Stop, we can ensure that your business is up to code and operating safely.

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